Boxspring Cesena

The Boxspring Cesena ensures the best relaxation in the nights with its visco foam topper, pocket spring mattress and bonnell spring box. Thanks to the footboard, it stabilizes the position of mattress. Under bed storage enables your things stay out of the way but still close at hand

Boxspring Cesena

Customise your Prestige product

Every Prestige Boxspring is made to order with your

choice of selected fabrics 

Delivery time is between 6-8 weeks for Romania.

Under Bed


Do you need more space to store your stuff? Our bed storage lets you keep things like duvets or summer clothes in under bed storage boxes or in a storage unit at the foot of your bed. So your things stay out of the way but still close at hand.



Double stiched and hand tufted footbard keeps the mattress stable.

Pocket Spring


The springs are placed in independent bags. Sound insulation is provided by those bags. Also, independently acting springs help to distribute the body pressure equally to the bed. Keeping the shape of the spine in the right position provides a comfortable sleep. Especially couples are less affected by each other's movements during sleep.

Visco Memory


Visco elastic foam has been developed to compensate for the pressure on the spine. This technology was discovered by NASA for astronauts. Formulated with body heat and weight, visco contributes to healthy blood circulation by supporting the spine perfectly.

Select between hundreds of color

Changed for a fresh new look. Available in a range of premium fabrics and Ecological leathers.



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