Boxspring Therme

The Boxspring Therme has the topper with Cool Gel Foam which helps to balance the heat of body both in warm and cold weathers. The structure consist of Cool Gel Foam, Pocket Spring mattress and Bonnell Spring box.

Boxspring Therme

Customise your Prestige product

Every Prestige Boxspring is made to order with your

choice of selected fabrics 

Delivery time is between 6-8 weeks for Romania.

Nicely Finished


If you enjoy sitting in bed to read or use your phone or laptop, then you probably rely on the wall behind you to sit up against. Unlike a hard wall, an upholstered headboard can provide your back with comfortable support when you’re sitting upright in bed.

Comfort Foam


Toppers helps to Protects, Cools and Comforts your mattress. The bacteria go right through your sheets and settle into your mattress. A mattress topper can protect your mattress and reduce allergy and asthma symptoms often caused by breathing in mold and other harmful micro-organisms in bed. One of the main benefits of a topper is that it can turn a bed that’s too firm into plush, comforting bliss.

Cool Gel


Give your mattress a luxurious and therapeutic touch with the 5-zone Cool Gel Memory Foam Topper. Made from 100% Visco elastic memory foam with cool gel properties, you can be assured that our 8 cm thick Memory Topper provides optimal sleep during the warmer as well as cooler months of the year. The removable and washable fabric cover is hypoallergenic with an anti-skid base to keep it firmly in place on your bed and is easy to clean too.

Pocket Spring


The springs are placed in independent bags. Sound insulation is provided by those bags. Also, independently acting springs help to distribute the body pressure equally to the bed. Keeping the shape of the spine in the right position provides a comfortable sleep. Especially couples are less affected by each other's movements during sleep.

Select between hundreds of color

Changed for a fresh new look. Available in a range of premium fabrics and Ecological leathers.



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