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Aloe Vera Pocket Memory

The path to a healthy life is a good and peaceful sleep!

Designed to meet the needs of your body strong, the ideal combination of viscoelastic polyurethane foam (memory foam), the next generation and core elastic pocket spring type, manufactured by the most advanced technology in the field, which is separated into 5 areas The elasticity. Each zone using springs with different elasticity based on the 5 parts of the human body, thereby achieving an optimal balance between the degree of elasticity and rigidity.

Provides comfort due to adaptation to the weight, temperature and body shape, thus ensuring a correct and natural position throughout the duration of sleep, eliminating neck and back pain.

Shell soft gentle antibacterial, anti-allergic and antiseptic type knit material, treated with aloe vera extract gives you a unique feeling, refreshing relaxing and peaceful sleep.

Thickness (height) Mattress is 28 cm