Max Comfort Latex

Natural materials used in Max Comfort Latex and the knitting technology that breathes on the bed prevent the formation of bad smells. The pocket spring system supports the waist, neck, head, back and knee areas. With Max Comfort Latex, you will reach the maximum limits of comfort.

Max Comfort Latex

Thickness: 30 cm

Customise your Prestige mattress

Every Prestige Mattress can be ordered for special dimensions which are not listed in our standard sizes.

Delivery time is between 2-4 weeks for Romania.

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Just Perfect 


Just Perfect firmness grade mattresses built with multiple layers consist of comfort topper, transition foam and pocket spring core. Comfort topper allows the sleeper to sink in for some nice pressure relief while this section is quick to respond to pressure. The transition layer absorbs the body movements and transfer them to below layer. And pocket spring core offers a good balance of softness and support. It's like sleeping on an unforgettable hotel mattress. Those mattresses are nearly suitable for all kind of sleepers.



The breathable and anti-allergic fabric of our collection is not coated, and it has no PVCs and no chemical post treatments, so it is totally breathable. The fabric is rustle-free, comfortable, and has no "plastic" feeling.

Pocket Spring


The springs are placed in independent bags. Sound insulation is provided by those bags. Also, independently acting springs help to distribute the body pressure equally to the bed. Keeping the shape of the spine in the right position provides a comfortable sleep. Especially couples are less affected by each other's movements during sleep.

5 cm Natural Latex


Visco elastic foam has been developed to compensate for the pressure on the spine. This technology was discovered by NASA for astronauts. Formulated with body heat and weight, visco contributes to healthy blood circulation by supporting the spine perfectly.