Platinium Supreme

The anti-static fabric of Silverline Supreme will help body to discharge the static electricity. This means tension literally drains from your body while you are in bed. Also it adapts to your entire body profile and sleeping position with the help of it's high density Visco foam.

Platinium Deluxe

Thickness: 23 cm

Customise your Prestige mattress

Every Prestige Mattress can be ordered for special dimensions which are not listed in our standard sizes.

Delivery time is between 2-4 weeks for Romania.



Hard mattresses offer the highest levels of support, and are the best models for heavier people and individuals with chronic pain. Especially if you are having back, neck or joint problems; a hard mattress is for you because it does a better job of keeping alignment of the spine. Also researches shows that thanks to the proper weight distribution of hard mattresses you can have a deeper sleep.

Anti-Static Fabric

for a recharged sleep

Silverline fabric has lasting antibacterial properties that halt the activities of micro-organisms thus preventing the occurrence of mold and bacteria and the odors they cause. The silver ions of Silverline also have anti-static properties; thereby relieving your body of negatively charged energy and allowing for a restful sleep.

Bonnell Spring


The spring coils are mechanically connected to each other by metal wires. A heat-treated bonnell spring removes the possibility of collapse in areas of intense body pressure. They are ideal for people who enjoy sleeping on a hard or medium surfaces.

3D Spacer Technology

3D Spacer allows pressure to be redistributed equally on springs which promotes good posture for the mattress and it is crucial for healthy sleep. 3D Spacer also regulates heat and moisture as the structure of fabric, helps to transport liquid away and allow air to flow through. Making your mattress cooler and more comfortable even on hot days.

4 cm High Resilience

Foam Layer

High resilience foam gets its name from its properties that allow it to quickly regain its shape. HR foam has a more random cell structure when compared to other foams. This configuration of cells adds support, resilience and bounce. Because of this, those that enjoy more of a bounce in their mattress will gravitate towards HR Foam.